Ingrid Furtado

A Word on Staging

The importance of staging a home for sale in today’s market cannot be overstated. Staging is the most significant means of increasing the sale price of a home, often by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

First impressions are critical. In today’s market, buyers often have minutes to decide whether a home is right for them. If your home doesn’t invoke an emotional response within the first few seconds of entering the front door, the opportunity for a potential sale is probably lost.

As part of my services, complimentary staging is included. We start with an initial consultation to help get the ball rolling and then provide full service staging, where we bring in furniture, props, artwork and flowers as needed. We have a vast inventory of carefully curated furniture, props, art and accessories.

Today’s buyers aren’t fooled by poorly staged homes. The difference is in the details.

When we stage a home, we use quality furnishings and customized accessories, fresh flowers and original artwork to showcase your home’s very best features. We recommend paint colours, furniture placement and provide tips on how to make a home appear spacious and fresh. We sometimes integrate our staging pieces with existing furnishings or props if we can, just to give the staging a more authentic feel. We don’t just stage a home, we inject it with style.